How to create a Kids account in Cash app?

hey everyone so let's try to create an account which is cash app for kids so if you didn't know cash app is also now mobile for everyone 13 plus and almost all features are available in this cash app cards for keys or for teams but you need to get an approval so you need to download cash app to create a free account and when prompted send a request to your partner guardian for approval once they approve you'll get your cash card so here is my cash app i'll just try to create a new account then i just need to go through all the steps like this i need to enter my zip code can access access to friends so this is your account um um yeah there are some changes they put bitcoin in different areas and then so you can start the chat with support here as well so yeah basically that's how you create an account just trying to look here so if you guys know how exactly you need to create a kids account because i'm yeah i'm not sure here so if i yeah so probably if i need to get a free cash card this one um so anyways guys if you know like how to create your kids account and ask for like parents approval just leave it in the comments below because yeah i can't figure it out                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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