here is what Wallet app to create a new growth jar tap and grow and then tap create new jar and then there you have it you can select from three options 12 months which give you 12 per year six months six percent per year or three months three percent per year so just select that and then uh depending what's available and then uh yeah you just select a or all your SWAT which which is unlocked and which is available for you right now then you can see how much you will earn and then you can see the percentage you will earned reads through this important things to keep in mind you can't unlock jars until the end of their duration so yeah it's like staking any other crypto token crosshairs are not risk friends there is a small chance of not getting other Capital back so that's what it is as well uh with cryptocurrencies I also advise you just to be super careful while doing that and cryptocurrency values fluctuate and the spot price could go up or down so basically accept and confirm and then there is some confirmation probably it's like there you have it and now a quick growth chart created so by the way to Mint one sweat every day uh you will need more steps so just seven days ago you need a thousand steps today when you need 1023 steps to so basically if it's uh like while I put in the jar like 26 sweat I will earn like three sweat coins which is equivalent for let's see in one year it will be equivalent for like um yeah seven thousand like uh 800 steps or something like that um so yeah as you can see it's is that's just the economy of this token that's how it was designed that was every day once what token is uh needs more more steps to to be minted so that's basically that um uh that's how this maintained difficulty is being increased and then you can see in some period it will you will require 18 000 steps to meet one sweat and yeah it just takes time that's how it works hope it is helpful and thank you for watching

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