How to create a new post in app?

your sports news app so how to create a post in this app it's only available via browser at this moment so just tap in the bottom to create new post uh and then you can just write something you can add some images from your photo library or take a photo the top right there is some setting icon and here it has some more features so you can change privacy of this post similar as on Twitter so only you can by default setup that everyone can see then you can set up the only followers who follow you will see your post or then only readers mentioned we'll see the post and then also new common features that automatically you can share your content with all your Twitter followers that's coming soon or you can make this postpaid so post have 280 plus characters to add a paywall you can set the price before publishing so but this feature is still not clickable yet so to to have this postpaid so yeah it's not there but yeah so something like that um hope that can be helpful and then you can just tap post um and there you have it so your post is now live then you can share it you can delete it people can tip you um so add post points but you need to to be able to buy them to add NT people so these are kind of a bit differences with the with Twitter that you instantly have this monetization feature you can tip people you can hide post under the payroll and all of that so yeah hope that is helpful

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