How to create a new wallet in Robinhood Wallet app?

is also how to create a new wallet in Robinhood wallet so just open the app get started create a new wallet and then you can use either face ID if you're on your phone so you can create a custom pin so just depending what you like so for example I just want to use face ID and then yeah then you can just back it up to iCloud if you don't backup your wallet you risk losing all of your crypto Robin Hood wallet doesn't have access to your wallet and can help you to recover it and then here you still need to um to create a password to um then store it on iCloud and then basically you're good to go you created your account for a few other steps also um so if you just go here there is a help center where you can see then yeah then you can just back it up to iCloud so you can turn on notifications you can select get reward deposit crypto or skip to claim your reward later Frontier Wallace to Robin Hood script or from another wallet exchange and then select open wallet you can also import your existing wallet if you have it so for your information Robin hoods is based on polygon or an ethereum networks um so it's not based for example on Avalanche or a bunch of others so try it out this app was just released pretty cool

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