How to create a podcast in YouTube Studio? NEW FEATURE!

Did you know that now you can upload podcasts in YouTube studio? So yeah, if you just go to a channel content tab, now there is also this podcast tab available here. But also if you just tap create, you can just see there is a new podcast. So this is like a new push from YouTube. Seems I just want to add this opportunity to host podcasts on YouTube. And honestly, if I listen into some podcast, very often it's on YouTube, because sometimes I just want to see the video. And it's like, to be honest, Spotify tried to push video, but it's just like, it's so hard to watch video on Spotify podcasts. So yeah, it's like create new podcast, a podcast, a type of playlist, create your podcast, then add existing content or upload new videos. So here you can just add your podcast, your official podcast name, to be sure users can find it while searching browsing. Add description, visibility of your podcast, similar to videos, and then podcast thumbnail. So yeah, that's basically that. And then set an existing playlist as a podcast. So just go to content playlist or all the playlists you want to set a podcast, click set as a podcast. So here I can just set this playlist as podcast, for example. Yeah, so this is just the process. You can see here why you need to do this. Of course, because YouTube is a huge network where your broadcast can get huge audiences in addition to Apple Music and Spotify, for example. So you can get official search cards. So if people are searching in Google, like, I don't know, like, all in podcast, let's say. So, all right. So anyhow, probably you're just gonna get some official cards somewhere or something like that. Just additional exposure. You can be featured YouTube com podcast. You can see by just on your podcast and videos available to users in YouTube Music, but still it's quite limited feature. So YouTube podcast is only available in US, podcast inclusion in YouTube Music is only available in US. But yeah, there you have it. So, you need to follow all the policies as you're following the YouTube videos. So then you can just remove or order episodes and then you can just measure your podcast performance in YouTube. Select the relevant podcast from your podcast card. And yeah, so you can just search for specifically podcast tab analytics. So that's here and then you can find overview of your podcast performance, traffic sources, audience demographics, audience retention, revenue data and more. And then it can be helpful to reach out to advertisers and yeah, just can be helpful. So anyhow, this is just a new feature, just logged in today to YouTube studio. Just wanted to share this with you. Hope this is helpful. Thank you.

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