How to create a post in Damus app?

here is domus app how to create a post in damos app so yeah you just tap Plus in the bottom right and then you can just tap type your post there and then you just tap post it's not possible to attach image or gifi or anything like that of course you can just attach emojis just because this app is based on Master protocol so it's it's very decentralized which is considered to be one of the future of social media while Twitter is centralized but because it's decentralized some features are super super limited like and quite technical so you can just send like simple text messages uh but yeah you can't upload videos texts or stuff like that so just send that and then like the first version seems to be quite buggy so I just keep reloading the app um and it's just not the audience seems like that I see some notifications but then they just disappear then you can just search for users you can send the amps so yeah something like that

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