How to create a post in Yik Yak?

okay so how to post a yuck or how to create a post on yik yak app so super simple just in the bottom right you have this pencil icon just tap on it and then you need to post some content when you send a yak it's visible to anyone on yikiyak within five miles of your location you're anonymous uh there is now your phone number or your like real full name disclosed so that's that then there are like some community guidelines which you need to follow so you just then post some content and then you can just swipe up so there is 200 character limit and yeah you can see some community guidelines you can see all of this so yeah you can just go to your community guard rails and then swipe up to send yak and then jack sent so that's that and then uh you will see call sorry you will see like new or hot yaks in your feed and when you post a yak your your karma will increase so that's that                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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