How to create a project in Velomingo app?

here is well Domingo app and to create a project just tap on the plus icon in the bottom and then you need to select your video it can be any video and then you can just tap here and select the thing is it can't be a photo so you can only use videos here and then you can just select a template and then you just need to wait a bit and then here you can select quality uh default higher quality you can select trim you can add music like this and then you can just tap save in the top right and then save video and Export it to photos so that's basically how it works to my surprise you can do all of it for free and you can use all of the templates for free the thing is that uh yeah if you save into photos and you want higher quality you need to upgrade to Pro and if you want to remove Watermark you also need to upgrade to bra hope that is helpful

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