so here is snapchat and if you tap on your profile uh basically there is a new feature which is called create public profile uh i haven't noticed it here but let's just dive through it so show your name any snapshot sends to spotlight or snap map will now show your name anyone who've used these snaps or your lenses will be able to subscribe to your account build your public profile add collections of your snaps from spotlight snap map or camera roll um to help snapchatters learn more about you so let's just type get started and by creating a public profile you will show your name on any snaps you have ever posted to spotlight or snap map you can edit or delete your public profile anytime any lenses you have met and mark as searchable will also appear on your public profile so that's how it works so now here is your public profile [Music] so yeah it's interesting so ask me anything save to stories spotlight so here you can see some spotlight you can see a subscriber account you can add your bio uh you can yeah do that then um or you can delete public profile you can share profile so that's basically how it works so yeah hope you like this quick overview it's quite interesting so that's basically how it works and then yeah you can't you can't subscribe to your own profile but then you can share your profile url and stuff like that so yeah that's the feature definitely give it a try

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