How to create a SATS INVOICE in DAMUS app?

how to create a stats invoice on demos app so if you go to someone's profile and just type here that will be a lightning invoice so how to add this button and then someone you can just copy the that invoice or you can just go and open it up and just yeah send sets to someone uh uh so yeah that's basically how it works so some users have that um yeah you can do it like this so I just follow in their GitHub page so you need to get the lb browser extension and create your LP address or connect your existing lightning wallet convert your demo secret key from a sec to hacks and you can get your secret demos key if you just go to settings and then that's basically your login um and then other than then you can just enter that damosio.key so you can do that in album extension click the output extension click receive enter the amount of sites click get invoice copied and passed into damos on damos web it will appear as a string of characters but on Thomas iOS it will appear as a clickable image so you can do that through the lb browser extension or uh you can also just do it with your sales app and then you can just copy that into diamonds node um so yeah if you just then create note here and then you can just pass it it will create an invoice also if you go to your profile tap edit uh here you can just enter like Bitcoin lightning tips or a lightning address here and then it probably just will display it there so that's basically the idea hope it is helpful

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