so here is finally shuffles app i got invited and i just want to share it was what the whole hype is about so i'm just trying to create some boards and new images and colleges and all of that so basically here i have images from pinterest here i have some elements then i can give access to my camera then i have some history items and then i have items boards from my account so for example i can just start with these items which i can change like this then i can add some other elements like that and then i can just rotate them and i can add some text here for example i can change it i don't know i can draw something i can i can add some animation like this and then basically i can just save it then after that i can uh post it to my profile um and then i can just yeah also send it to other people because shuffles app is developed by pinterest and it's connected to a pinterest account so then i can just post it to my pinterest account and there you have it so that's i posted my first shuffle to my pinterest account so hope this is helpful and thank you for watching

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