here's shuffles app and let's explore how do you create a shuffle so shuffle is uh basically collage is an image which you can create from other images from pinterest images from other smaller objects and stuff like that so just tap on the plus icon and then here you have all the images first which you can search on pinterest so for example here you can also search additional you can you can do some enhancements which is really fun so for example i just cut out this car from the image which is pretty cool what i can do next i can take a photo i can also select some other like gradients backgrounds like some stuff like that i can look into my history and then i can open my own pinterest account because you need to sign in with pinterest account to your shuffles app and then you can just add some text you can add some drawings you can select some different visual elements then you can just tap arrow in top right and basically also if you tap on top right you can export or you can save to pinterest so basically you can create a pin with this shuffle also you can just post to your profile search groups and friends you can send it to your friends on pinterest or maybe you can create a group then uh and you can just add some hashtags and then you're just posting it so here i just posted it and and then it will be displayed um it will be displayed on my account i can also just share shuffle link at the description delete export i can like it it will be added to my bookmarks i can send it to other people and yeah now it's it should be reflected on my profile [Music] so other people will see it on my profile it's not automatically shared on pinterest so by doing this you are not creating created pins so that's different you're just creating shuffles so yep that's basically the idea hope this is helpful

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