How to create a SPOTIFY BLEND LINK?

okay so how to create a spotify blend link so to find spotify plan just type in search and search for blend that's how i find it and then mate for two create a blend and then you can this is basically a playlist with you and your friend a playlist that shows how your music taste matches up and so plants are meant for just two people share your invite directive is a friend connected with your pro will see your profile picture and username step invite and then you can just share and by sharing you create a blend link so you will see here is the link basically slash blend uh slash test match slash some code and that's it so see how your music test overlaps in the mix of music you'll both like and it's available on the spotify mobile app i don't think it's available on spotify desktop so but anyways that's that's how you create your spotify blend link and then you can just share this link with your friends and messenger whatsapp signal whatever app you are using hope that was helpful like and subscribe visit my website                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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