in this video we're gonna try to figure out if you can create spotify blend on spotify desktop app so yeah usually to create spotify plan on the mobile app which you can easily do on ios or android so here i would just search for bland and then yep okay so you can create a spotify blend playlist on desktop so no issues then you may invite up to 10 people connected people see your profile picture username inviting friends with great playlist and use other recommendation features that match your taste so what's spotify blend playlist that's a playlist that shows how your music tastes matches up then you can just type in white and then your link will be copied to clipboard and then you can just share that link so then you can just paste it here and this is how the link looks like and this is how you can join the blend playlist and you can invite a lot of people like up to 10 people so that's a new feature it was in nevada for a while but now it's out for everyone um you could only invite two people but recently they updated it to 10 people and it's actually pretty cool feature especially if you have a friend who you like if you like his or her like music taste that's the cool feature you can instantly discover all of them music updates and relevant songs

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