How to create a Spotify Blend with an artist?

so did you know that you can create a bland spotify playlist with artists so blend playlist is basically a combination of your listening history and your friends listening history and it's updated in real time depending which track tracks you stream the most but there are these artists where um yeah this like small number of spotify artists you can just go to and just search for these names and here you can just click on the link and basically you will generate your bland playlist with a specific artist so you can see what music on spotify this artist is listening to and what music you are listening to so for example if i click here this will be great and then you will see your taste match and for example i want to create a blend playlist with diplo and then this is available and then you can just see that uh so this is my playlist and then you can see tracks which i like and tracks which diplo likes so yep it's an overview so that's what you can do

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