How to create a team in GameChanger app?

here is new game changer app so there is also a game changer classic um this is a new one um so basically let's explore how to create a team in a new game changer app so i just created an account you can see the process in my previous video and i just upgrade new team select your steam sport so i like volleyball select your team type select travel local league other school how old are your players so then you can just paste something like that so that's just the name of the team one is the upcoming season and there you have it next set up your rooster at rooster from scratch uh roll our previous rooster and there you have it so that's the team you can add event so for example game home away opponent you can set when it starts it writes on friday save and message team and then you can just send notification so that you can see the team schedule you can add stuff you can add player so to add player you just need to enter like gore and then just my number whatever and then i can just add stuff you can set shares your contacts and there's video you can also start the live stream from any event in your schedule and watch it back later so yeah uh you can also stream yourself your games and you know then later use the streams to educate yourself to like see all the main issues and mistakes and all of that and then you can leave team there is also team info you can change all the details and all of that so that's the idea that's how you create it in this app super interesting app if you're playing some hobby sport even not hobby like a bit less professional sport in the clubs baseball basketball softball any rugby any other sports and yeah you can just keep track of all the activities in the app so it's like super convenient

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