How to create a Vault or Group Vault in Revolut app?

okay so here is revolut app so you can go to hub in the bottom right and go to walls and here you can just start and create a wall so you can create either personal world or group worlds group world means you will share with multiple people so imagine you are you want to go on a family trip and all your family together is having some money for that so yeah so let's select a group vault and then i just invite and that i can select the permissions and then something like that i can name it and my goal would be like that and then i just need to set up some deadline and then continue and then i can select which how to basically save money here so for example the default wireless part changed will round up the spare change from your revolut card spans and place it in this wall and then you can use accelerator so you can multiply that so yeah something like that or you can select the recurrent transfer or something like that so yeah and then uh you will see all the options and all these walls um you can close walls you can invite friends you can all of that you can if you invite in friends you can set up the permissions if you if they can only deposit or withdraw and all of that so that's a cool feature of revolut a super nice way just to save money together if you want to go somewhere in the group just have this kind of common account instead of like going to your bank and trying to fix all of these things you can just do it easily from revolut up

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