let's go through the process of creating a widget in widget file app so this app is recently getting in the top hundred social media apps in the us app store um and it's kind of competing with locate widget or noted widget so just tap create a new [Music] widget and then you can just name it like locals or any group of friends or like people to who you want to send photo with updates and then you can send refresh right uh pick a refresh right to show new pictures in your widget faster rights might consume more battery so yeah that's interesting feature you can also put like you know no at least five so that's that and then you can change the privacy public or private and then you can choose to send pictures either to all friends or to someone specific so then now add your home uh widget now add your new widget to the home screen so basically tap and hold and then add plus in the in the top right and then [Music] just search for widget pal and then there you have it choose the field configuration you like for the widget so something like that add widget and there you have it and then now you have widget installed so this painting i just sent recently to you know to like a test account then i can edit widget and select some other widget or select some other configuration so here for example i have locals widget which i just created so i can just see that so then i see all these widget widgets and then for example i have logos and then i don't i can just create a photo so for example i just can take this photo and then i select the widget in the top part so that's important because yeah that's where this photo will appear and which widgets you will choose you can also add some text here like that and then yeah you can just tap to send it and then just upload it and that's basically it so that's the idea overall well yeah that's how it works and hope this is helpful

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