so query app is a new trending app which is getting some attention so it's your pro delivery service emergency is fleet replacement delivery within the hour also without the weakest affordable options you ensure your deliveries meet the requirements your customers have come to expect in this digital age curry handles all of your construction related daily supply runs side to side for a house to site in store pickups from home depot so you can just arrange your order open the app enter pick up and under book it uh real time updates and tracking so transparent upfront pricing what you see is what you pay so yeah like you know if you're doing some construction work or something like it's it's a huge pain to to have like deliveries you bought something you forgot something you need to redeliver like you need to return or like there are so many stuff and of course you can use your own track but it's sometimes just easier to to have app like that and i think this app is really growing in popularity there are more and more users it's got mentioned in media it's growing in and like in the app store so here uh you can just sign up and this app is kind of like a like an uber so you can you can sign up as a driver or you can sign up to book these services so okay i will just use the phone number to to just show you how the sign up process looks like so okay we can try that and then you can select so there you have that's basically uh how you how you create an account you need to check your email and then the answer code

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