here's dive chat and i'm exploring how to create a new account so i was just basically invited to the group and i'm just interested how uh yeah how you can join so here it is so you need to enter your mobile phone number there is no other way to sign up so you can't use your email i think or apple id or anything like that or snapchat so it's only your phone number so then you just need to enter your full name and then you just need to enter your graduation year there are these options available and this is it so now um you have upload like upcoming events i'm part of the group and then i can see all the upcoming events for example for this in this group i can go to people i can view more conversation i can introduce myself and then i can choose just general chat so that's basically that's how it looks like so this app is more like it another chat app but which has really nice design a really nice in uh you know you can organize conversations um yeah it just has another touch and it has connection with events in real life so you can just organize upcoming events in a separate tab and this is a very cool app actually to use for the college life and this kind of types of communities

How To Create A Telegram Channel 20...
How To Create A Telegram Channel 2022 [ Easy Tutorial ] | Online Help Guide | Telegram Guide
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