hello so here is interesting trending app ngl anonymous q a uh so this app has just like 500 ratings but it's already number two in lifestyle charts in uh yeah on app store in the united states so share your ngo link friends answer right on your story gamers get responses on ngl to get even more messages at your link to your instagram bio and they say we offer world-class ai content moderation we utilize deep learning and rule based character pattern matching algorithms to filter out harmful language and building so yeah interesting app let's let's what's your instagram handle i think this is the right one you need to allow notifications so just copy this link and then share link on your instagram story so just tap share and you can create this link yeah yeah instagram uh so click the sticker icon in instagram story at the link past your link and then got it and then you can add that and then you will see in box here you can get messages so that's basically overview how you can try to do that and then you can added profile picture you can apply for us so yeah that's kind of that so try it out

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