How to CREATE ACCOUNT in RIGHT STUFF DATING APP? Conservative dating app

so I'm trying to create an account in the right stuff app uh where uh yeah basically what you need to do uh yep so basically there you have it so you just need to enter your phone number and then you need to enter your email your first last name and it's only possible to uh use yeah it's possible to use any phone number you like but it's not possible to sign in with Google Facebook Twitter or something like that only with the phone number and then there so I'm just entering here just some like random date uh so for example you can just enter this what's your ideal plans for children so these are just the questions uh you need to enter just so you know and then you need to uh enter your default file picture where for example I can just add some random picture and then I still need to add at least five photos uh okay I don't have a lot of photos okay so you need at least five photos I will just add some random views just some foreign just customize my profile with music if I want to I can see available songs I can connect my USD capture top artist to the profile and then just tap save and then I can create my prompts similar as you can do in many other dating apps like in Bumble or like you know many others and we can skip that I can enable notifications or I can skip you will need to be invited to join uh allow uh Right Stuff access to contacts to see which front can send you an invitation so maybe later invite required invite your right win friends they will get access when you are approved invite friends um so yeah and then check for invite no invite yet uh so there you have it uh so yeah at the moment I can just build up my account I can delete my account I can preview how it will look like uh I can add some filters here and yeah I can add some basic information but unfortunately it still is invite on the item now if it's in white only because of the area like is it only available like in United States or is just available to limited number of people and it's not available yet to everyone so I don't know but there you have it

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