How to create account in The Scout App?

so here is scout app which helps you to discover new locations and uh yeah this is a quite interesting app let's just install it and see why it's going in the top charts recently i noticed that it's among like top 200 apps in social media category um [Music] so yeah stop searching start scrolling just scout it at its core scout is social media platform that allows users to discard and share stunning locations around the world how it works brought the home field for location you are visiting as well as those posted by for its scouter use the explorer page to scout locations for upcoming trips or the next shoot unlocks the exact coordinates and yeah and garner the days of drying or ubering around wasting precious time and money to find the right backdrop scout streamlines the creative process only searching for new and exciting location in your home city abroad you can just also become a scouter uh scout provides an incentivizing platform that rewards you for creating and sharing unique locations so yeah stop searching start scrolling you can give access to notifications and then basically let's just create an account so here is my name you can give your uh and then you can just sign up here so then you can give your username name and then profile text and then you need to enter your name as well okay so it's the same as my username you can get your okay and then finally get rewarded for a time and effort to find your uh location so okay you can connect your paypal even and you can then you can earn straight away uh i don't know i'll just enter some random address here and there you have it so now you just created an account and then you can see all the images so then you you can just purchase some bundles to unlock it and yeah and then you can just see where it's located so here of course it's obvious that it's uh in the city because i gave my location that i'm currently in copenhagen so yep that's how it works uh you can unlock store and that's how you create an account of course you can also go globally and find some really cool spots like for example here i don't even know where that is okay so it's this one portugal if i want it to know exact location i uh yeah i need to subscribe to our bundle

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