How to create account in Truth Social, when is it available

um so to create an account on true social you still need to wait for february 21st uh when this app will be available publicly and then uh yep it's expected on february 21st then you just download it and yeah i don't think that creation of the account will be such an issue maybe you'll just need to enter your email and password i don't think there will be an option to sign up is you know google or facebook or something like that maybe that you can sign up his apple id it's not possible to use this app on android and this moment it's not available on android so only via app store there you have it and yep so that's that so you just can tap pre-order and wait until it's available and then one is downloaded you can try to create an account maybe there will be like some search of users in the first few days and there will be some bugs and issues at this moment website is not accessible um so that's that

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