How to create account in WindScribe VPN and GET 10GB!

hello so here's me inscribed vpn so just tap on your sidebar in top left tap setup account you can just give your username some choose some password uh email optional okay i'll set up an email so you can send me all the newsletters uh and then if you confirm your email you can get 10 gigabyte per month so that's where the deal is otherwise you can get only like 2 gigabytes but i just can't find it like where it is no it's not here and so it's not coming okay let's try to resent verification email here it is now you have 10 gigabytes of monthly data yay finally and then i have 10 gigabyte left so that's how you get 10 gigabytes which actually a lot of data like if you are using i don't know if you are watching movies and videos like it can take like two three gigabytes per per month i guess no okay maybe it might be if you're regularly watching movies every day 10 gigabytes is enough for one month i would say something like that anyways uh if you want to get more data then you can subscribe 48.99 8.99 per month so hope that was helpful

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