How to create account in YallaChat app?

here's interesting app it just started to grow in the top charts which is called yala chat more than messages voice and video calls and your free voice and video calls anywhere anytime so here you have secure messages voice and video calls mini games attend reminder share moments and all of that group calls so yeah there are so many apps like this every week in the in the app store like with random video chats and clubs and a lot of them are just copycats of each other and a lot of them honestly are a bit like not that trustworthy so just be careful when you open and start using extensively apps like that i'm just trying to be honest with you and then here to create an account you just need to enter your mobile number it's not only your iphone number so you have all these countries a lot of them you see mostly like arabic countries their most user base and yeah still it's not available worldwide so just select your country enter mobile code receive confirmation message and then proceed with creating an account

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