How to create AI AVATARS in DAWN AI app? Pro subscription

here's down AI app so if I just tap on my tag I just want to delete it to show you that I just deleted a model and then yeah I can just create a tag and then I can pick eight 12 photos of myself just to generate a new uh 50 avatars of myself so what you need to do here you need to pick the 812 selfies of yourself high quality well lighted only one person virus locations virus face expressions various angles no sunglasses um so yeah just follow these rules what I can recommend from my experience is good to have like different emotions different face expressions and good lightning don't cover up yourself is uh glasses or anything don't be in the group because it will just confuse uh yeah and then for example let's just take then you can add like more photos so whatever and then you can just use a [Music] photo library and then just upload some other selfies um so then you're just fetching all these images and yeah then as you can see I applaud at nine photos and then you just tap generate 50 avatars and then yeah it will take some time but it should be ready so right now I'm on on a pro subscription uh using down AI Pro for faster processing time and because I wanted to try out how to generate instantly all these avatars with different styles because in the in the free version you need to wait one day but I in the beginning of this app like few days ago you could really generate for free this first 50 avatars I don't know some users are now writing to me that actually this option being removed and now you can do that so there you have it and then just tap generate 50 avatars

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