How to create AI avatars in VOI app? Pro version

so I just upgraded to voy AI Avatar app to a Pro app and uh I just want to show you should you upgrade or not just like an overview is it worth it or not so it's 4.99 dollars per week and then uh yeah here's how you can create an AI Avatar in this way app so yeah you just you need to select 15 photos of yourself you need to give a lot access to the photos and then I just can go to my selfies I can just applaud all those just like a test photos I don't know if if you really need like all 15 or how much do you need so then you just need to wait a bit uh and then the the photos are just being imported so that's basically how you create AI Avatar images with this y app there are so many apps like this just at this moment like Lanza AI don't AI uh like AI art apps uh okay so then I need to upload additional two photos and then just add those so you see yeah you need like 15 photos so that's actually pretty much uh like yeah that's like quite many photos here I'm just showing an example actually uh yeah uh name your avatar you can just name your avatar like this and that's basically how you generate your avatar and then just tap generate Avatar yeah like make sure to include like different emotions different facial expressions in in these photos the more Expressions you have the better um yeah okay and now it's just uh yeah you can add more avatars and all of that and then you still you need to wait when it's being generated so this process is pretty much the same in all of this AI Avatar apps just they have different monetization model in some apps you need to pay for pack like for 50 images 100 images in some apps like this one you need to buy a Weekly subscription and here it's like pretty cheap actually uh because you just pay five dollars per week and then you have I guess unlimited avatars which you can try out so that's basically that okay uh create more avatars then you still will need to pay like one time purchase I guess so yeah this is uh there you have it so so you have your own avatar and then that's basically how it works um and then you can just see all the Christian creations um so something like that so that's basically the process how you can create AI avatars in this app again you need to upgrade hope that is helpful

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