How to create an account for Tesla mobile app?

so here is tesla app but it's not possible to create an account in tesla mobile app you need to do it via the teslacom website so just go to teslacon website tap on the sidebar in the top right and let's just try to create an account together and then login in the app so i'll just write my name and then let's just create the password then you can opt in to email updates and then then it should be it and then you're inside of your dashboard so from here you can not only order a tesla car you can also order tesla solar roofs reserve a car and then you can also add a car which you purchase from a third party but now let's try to log in here with the is the app and there you have it and now you're inside of the tesla app so now you have your app you have your settings you have your account you have your inbox and that's that uh so and here you can also add like some profile pictures so yeah hope that is helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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