How to create an account in AYALA app?

hey everyone so let's try to install and create an account on this ayala app so it's a dating app [Music] looks like a tinder competitor so this is how it looks like and let's just tap to open it it's recently in the top charts in us app store to create an account you can just sign in i can just sign in to with apple id and then you can just then you can just upload your profile pic [Music] hmm okay let's just take a photo not sure if that's the best photo here but anyways you can always upload more photos and videos and then just add your hate and stuff and you need to add your status and then you just add of that so yeah there you have it now you just added your profile and you created an app profile here so yeah that's how you create a profile                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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