How to create an account in CLEAR app?

hello everyone so let's try to create an account a profile and clear app which is basically a healthcare digital pass app uh so you can create either a free or plus account so let's try it with free so let's just enter some email address send your phone number and then you need to second step enrollment you need to scan your id secure face capture uh so then you need to agree with this member terms uh so you need to capture id in indirect light to reduce glare sure all id edges are in the same frame so you just then need to get access to your id so photo ids from us and canada for other countries it's only passport and then that's what you need to do then you can just uh yeah scan take the photo from us and canada photo id card on the front side and then and your photo and that should be good so i think these are the steps to create an account in clear app                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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