How to create an account in Cricut app?

hey everyone so here is this app which is called Cricut design space um yeah so let's just uh install it and let's just go through it together um yeah it's quite an interesting app it's in top charts in graphics and design categories so here it's like you know Photoshop in your pocket on your mobile device it's also available on iPad you can start your project just by browsing thousands of images ready to make projects um yeah you have over 50 000 free images fonts and projects so yeah here you can just try out this app so let's just uh do it together so when I'm opening uh here I just okay I just need to connect notifications um also you can you can connect all this like Cricut maker so you can connect this machine and then you can just design all of this stuff together so it's really like you know it's a community of creators and you can really do some real amazing stuff and yeah like use these printers and do this stuff together so yeah to set up the machine you you'll need to create an account or you can just sign in here and then yeah you need to sign in using your Cricut ID so then yeah you can just uh create your account it's not possible to create an account uh using Apple ID or Google or anything like that so you just need to um sign up using your email and password

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