How to create an account in e-nft app?

okay so how to create an account on and nifty uh app so this is the app where uh you this is a marketplace um where you can buy um your like different albums and music tracks and all of that so just create your account buy now or beat on your favorite and and artwork and then enjoy your assets and of course what they say here that marketplace for resale opens 5 p.m on august 24th it means if you bought some nft assets for example there was like 000 copies of some album here you bought them and then you can resolve that copy for much higher price so something like that so let's try to create an account so let's see how it works um [Music] so i just need to enter all these details and then just enter some password you can and then you can just log in then you need to confirm your account there is some code and that's your account uh and then you can also download the app and you can get on the list so wallet um you can see your past purchases and all of that so that's how it works hope that is helpful                            

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