How to create an account in Ecosia search engine?

to create an account with the corsair app just tap on the number of trees in the top right tap sign in and then here you have your you just need to enter your email address and then uh you should receive a magic link to that email address so you don't need to enter like sign in with google obviously or um just use your password so it's kind of like a magic link similar for example to slack so let's just tap sign in and there you have it so now i just created my account uh the top your total number of searches has been saved on this device they sign in all other devices to collect them in one place um you can now synchronize your personal contour of trees all of your devices so you there is a question chrome extension android ios app you can set up a koji as default search engine on mac and then you will just see how many how many trees you planted just by doing searches so something something like that so it's very like carbon zero carbon neutral app which focuses on collecting that part of revenue it has from the ads and then just putting that into planting trees and ecologists or something like that

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