How to create an account in GoFan app?

hey see here is gofan app which is recently is um going viral actually the idea of the app is that you can get tickets for events for specific cool school or college events basically to create an account just tap on here and then you can tap to sign up there is no mobile app as i understand so let's just try to create an account um and then yeah then i can just tap more and then here is my account so yeah that's my account [Music] i can tap on it i can just change your pass change password but again it doesn't look like a full mobile app that's just how it is then you can just go to all these additional sites i don't know what is hq cofunco is okay so this is where you can organize accounts basically um so yeah that's that's the idea i think so that's how you create an account                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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