How to create an account in Hive Social app?

uh in this video we're gonna go through this new trending app which is called Hive social so let's just try to install it and let's see how it works seems it's getting quite popular recently probably it's just because people are searching for some alternatives for Twitter so that can be one of the reasons um so yeah let's just open it up [Music] foreign notifications and then you can just create account so you can usually create a account with email Google Apple just easily do that I just proceed with apples more often because it's like super fast and then you can just add like [Music] then you can create your username okay it's already taken so it's pretty easy and pretty simple should be hopefully this app doesn't have that many bugs because it's it's entered the top charts right now at this moment and uh yeah so probably servers can be a bit overloaded and it can create this like slowness a bit I hope hope it's it's not like that here so yeah then I selected at least three interests and there you have it so your account should be created then you you can just exploring content so here you can see trending content for you and new uh yeah for some reason it's uh it's a bit slow still don't say I think my internet is pretty fast though um so there you have it so here you can create your post and basically this app is kind of super similar to Twitter but it's just got like so many so much popularity recently because people are trying to explore it as one of the Alternatives if he's Mastodon and with some other apps uh but yeah there you have it uh fortunately she's like super slow but hope you got the idea how to create an account

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