How to create an account in LAPSE app?

okay so here is labs app which is currently in top charts in u.s app store so let's explore how to create an account here uh it says labs early access we are invited only while we're allowed to ensure the best experience for everyone and i will just search for let's just try to create an account in this video to see how that my and then let's just create a name i need to give access to the camera i need to give access to notifications and you don't need to give access to your contact but it's okay and then add the profile photo tap to take a photo so [Music] you can just do that [Music] and then let's just do my username and then you can add invite friends to labs you can do it later you can do 36 shots per roll and then yes for example here is just my laptop so i don't know this is just my laptop [Music] i can create a new role group then i can take another snap and here the idea is that i will see the pictures the next day so yeah that's basically the idea and if i want to take another picture let's take this so now it stands there so yeah that's how you create an account and start using the app hope it is helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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