hello everyone so in this video we're gonna go through the process of creating a metamask wallet account from the scratch from the very beginning so first you just need to open google chrome so of course you can do it in any other browser i think in most other browsers but preferably you just need to download google chrome if you don't have that then in chrome web store just search for metamask you can search for metams chrome extension so there you have it and then just install it then basically after you did that if you just tap here in top right corner you will have multimask extension so just click on that and then it should like appear as a pop-up and yeah and if you're using it for the first time here is the process connecting you to ethereum and then centralized lab we're happy to see you so get started so here are two options uh i already have a secret recovery phrase meaning you already have a wallet or yes let's get set up so let's just tap create a wallet because you want to create a new wallet randomized would like to gather users data to better understand how our users interact with the extension this data will be used to continue to improve the usability and user experience for our product and the ethereum ecosystem metamaskers always allow you to opt out and so narrower and it never collects so that's basically if you agree to share some usage data with this metamask you know it's just kind of standard question you get if you download some app from and then you do you want to be tracked or not so i think something like or maybe it's not so anyways that's that's not real uh really uh seeing so here is important part you need to create your password just like a normal password it's not a seat phrase yet so just like you create any account anywhere on the website you just do that then you need to agree to terms of use and then you will be presented with this screen uh so you need like and the results video instruction here how to secure your wallet what the secret recovery phrase uh so all of these of the details so like but you need to know like secret recovery phrase in mata mask or any other like crypto wallet is like super important scene never share it an hour like uh think about it or something you know just lightweight i will just send an email with it because yes there are like this 12 words which is basically a blockchain password and any person who has it well has these 12 words can actually access all your funds and the person who knows this password there is no second layer of protection usually there is no like face id or touch id or like 2fa authentication like two-factor protection protection or stuff like that so it's like the key to your security on blockchain this is like 12-word phrase so usually a good idea is not even sending out it on email or saving it in notes however most people do that or you know typing it somewhere but that's usually downloading that file uh maybe storing on some external device um and that's it or maybe even just write on a piece of paper and hide that paper somewhere uh if you want to be like super secure or like you know that's a whole other topic like about the uh secret uh 12 word security phrase but anyways here you will click next and then it will generate this price for you so here it is the next screen your secret price is under this blurred area so you just need to click here to reveal these words uh then you can again save it in one password manager or you can write this price on a piece of paper and store it in a secure location if you want even more security wire down multiple pieces of paper and store each into three different locations memorize this phrase you can also just download this from here so that's what you can do so now you basically confirmed uh this phrase so on the next screen you just needed to enter this price word by word uh it's not possible to copy a bicep from somewhere so you need actually to you know know it and there are like presented all the words and you need to put them in the correct order so that's basically it so again there are a few tips how to deal with safety stay back up in multiple places never share the price with anyone be careful efficient mana mask will never spontaneously ask for your secret recovery phrase if you need to back up your secret recovery price again you can always find it in setting security you can always reach out also to the metamask support metamask cannot recover a secret recovery phrase so there you have it so now basically there you have it this so now you're just creating metamask account uh and there are some few updates you're making transactions easier to read uh you can now get a better understanding of your transactions details before conforming and more easily add transaction addresses to your address book helping you make safe and informed decisions so there it is so now you created a metamask account um now it's just displayed as kind of like a website you can add networks here so for example if you want to add i don't know polygon or you you can do all the stuff here so just here it is so you can also show all these like test networks and you can just play around and do all this kind of stuff here and yeah basically anytime you want to log into for example openc you can just go to and then while you have your metamask chrome extension here you have it you can just tap here and then there is metamask you just tap on there and let's see what happens and there you have it now you basically logged into metamask and that's your profile already so that's basically how you log into all these decentralized apps um yeah so that's the idea um hope it is helpful uh that's the overview so as you can see it's not that hard like some people tell oh my gosh like i need to create an account in mata mask how to do it you need some qualified technical support as you can see it just took literally two minutes um so that's yeah of course then there are so many like advanced settings um you you can you can play with them you can you know like add in contracts from from after scan or adding some other networks here and yeah just send by like if you want to buy some ethereum here probably you need to do is through coinbase or binance and send ethereum to to this address or yeah so this is another topic but for a start like this is how you create metamask accounts hope it is helpful for you if you have any questions just leave them in the comments below this video

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