hey everyone so how to create an account in olympics app so just go to more here you have a login and then you will be able to create olympic id so you can use all these providers apple facebook tokyo 2020 id so i usually just try to do it with apple id because for me it's fast on iphone and let's see what happens uh place of residence you can just select country whatever and then you can just create the id you can agree to receive some electronic communication or not and then you just have your profile so you created it for free and there you have it that's your personal information you can change a little preferences you can delete account and all of that [Music] and then yeah you can just i guess save all your like sports but maybe it's available also without an account [Music] you can go to like fun zone feature [Music] um and all of that so yeah so that's the idea that's how you create your own pick id and account

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