How to create an account in app?

so here's sports news app is one of the viral alternatives to Twitter it cost more than 100 000 people on the white and list just in a few days uh uh like yeah so I just got this email confirmations that I was approved to join the post beta so you can always sign up for their waiting list if you go to website so you can try that uh this the website is still in in a very early version uh there are a lot of missing features and functionality but the basic stuff it's okay it looks like super minimalistic version of Twitter and people just want to run away from all the drama on Twitter this app is quite popular especially among like journalists and like public figures they find this this app as uh you know one of the possible Twitter Alternatives because it's kind of easier to understand than mastodon and yeah some other apps so anyhow this is how you create an account you just enter your display name you can add your username and then you just enter your email and password and then you proceed

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