How to create an account in Swimply app?

hello so here is a swimpley app where you can book uh swimming pools so yeah uh it's like airbnb for swimming pools and to create an account here you can do it with email facebook or apple uh and uh yep you can just continue with your apple id and then just continue with your that's what i do because it's like pretty fast but uh yeah you can just add your phone number you can add your zip code uh so here i can just add some test number i can then just add some like example uh and you need to pick your birthday here's just an example birthday and then you can become also a pool host or if you are not a pool owner you're just interested in booking pools that's what you do and then there are like some community rules and then [Music] that's what it is and then you have created your account so you can invite the white people you can invite from contacts and earn five dollars in credit yeah just by inviting your friend so that's basically how it works hope this is helpful

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