How to create an account in Symbolab app?

here symbol app app and how to create an account so tapping your profile in top right and then you can tap manage account and then yeah you can just create an account with apple Google Microsoft or your email I usually just select Apple it's like super fast boom and there you have your account so why you need your account is just you know then you have your notes synced everywhere you just have all of it synced and you can delete your account you have notebook data so that's the nodes which have been synced [Music] um then of course you can upgrade to symbol up Pro annual is just 34.99 and there's seven day free trial I think this is one of the best deals across all the all of the mass solver apps there are a bunch of those but some of them are pretty expensive to be honest some of them are like 80 dollars and stuff like that but this app is just only 34.99 um so yeah that's what you have here and then if you created your account you just have your notes Here available and then you can just uh see some issue and then save it as a node um so yeah for example again I just want to solve the problem and then show steps and then I just want uh and then I just save this problem in my notebook and then if I go to menu it's here in the notebook and yeah it's like if you created your account that's what you can have here so yeah of course you can just use this app here and without an account but that's what you have it if you want to upgrade yeah it's this app also really nice deal uh it's pretty uh not it's pretty cheap compared to other apps

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