How to create an account in Themify app?

your streamify app which provides you widgets and icons and wallpapers and a lot of customizations to make your iPhone look better so to create an account here I just usually tap sign in with apple and then I can just create an account with Apple ID so that's basically yeah and then you can use this app as useful tools to customize the screen huge collection of icons features and wallpapers you can select three or more categories uh if you're interested so basic then you can select retro like anima and then just continue you can allow notifications if you want and then that's basically this app is starting to personalize content for you and just create your uh collection the customize your screen there is of course like a paid version and that's how this app obviously make money but then it's just easier for you you have much more uh like 5000 Plus app icons thousand plus themes huge widget collection videos customizer so you have all of that and there you have it now this is uh your simify app so now you have that and uh yeah now you just have all these themes and popular icons and user themes hope that is helpful

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