so let's try to install Tick Tock Now app and this is a tick tock attempt to compete with with be real here you can see post to see what your friends are up to share the same moment with your friends get a notification to post now um so yeah this app as I understand it's not available in United States App Store huh it's yeah so if you go to tick tock and then go to now Tab and then just tap to open app then it should be available like this so now the app is installed I I didn't use it before like I just want to okay to to figure out so now I'm just I can log in with my existing Tick Tock account um that's it because I'm logged in although I have my Tick Tock app installed and I can log in my existing account so that's how easy it is so it just redirects me back to the app and then I have two Tick Tock friends to share now only followers that you follow back on Tick Tock will appear here you can give access to your contacts turn on notification so there you have it then your access to the camera and then you should be able to post all of that hope that is helpful

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