How to create an account in WIZZ APP?

so here's how to create an account in this app so here's this app and then you can just basically tap sign in with apple you can also create your account with your phone number doesn't matter what's what's easier for you for me it's just always easier with Apple ID is kind of faster and then you just need to um yeah select your data like date of birth just make sure that you set up it correctly and not faking it because you won't be able to change it later so then yeah you you just need so now you're trying something like this um and now kind of verify it's your photo and then you just need to enter um some of your photos so here I can just add some of the selfies foreign I can I can see some instructions so I can swipe up to start a new chat I can swipe uh left or yeah so here I can just add another photo and again I can just go here my selfies or okay I can just take a photo if that's the best photo but anyhow uh then you can just add more content you can add text you can add music you can add text yeah some other it's just just an example for you guys I don't know it's of course you can make it much much better sorry of course you can write a review and then there's this your profile where now you can you can swipe left or right yep so that's about it um and then you can just find new friends if you want to send a message you just swipe up um so it's kind of like a tick tock for dating I guess um yeah it's interesting app to discover people they recently added a lot of new features and uh yeah now this is an update of course you also see ads here I'm just curious to see how to see set filters if you for example if you want to see only girls or boys um but of course you can get some V coins here um of course you can also upgrade to his gold that's 699 weekly or 9.99 monthly so that's what you can get um yeah so that's the idea um so that yeah that's basically how you swipe how you create an account if you get some new chat requests you will see them here um that's basically the the idea how it works

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