How to create an account in Yik Yak app?

hey everyone so um here is yukiak app um and yeah let's try to create an account together so to do that it's super simple you just need to tap verify humanity and you need only you ask for numbers so it's not possible to create an account outside of us or for example in canada uk or australia at this moment so let's try to use something like that and then yeah why you need to do that because uh everyone on yik yak is anonymous but they just use your phone number to verify that you are real human and your phone number will never be displayed on yik yak so that's that then what they offer here is some uh brief tutorial so yukyak is a social message board that connects with people around you anonymously in the 5 mile radius is anonymous your personal info is never displayed on yik yak so that's that uh people you interact with on yikiyaka your local community go to yik yak so there you have it and that's that of course while i'm located outside of us probably um then yeah no one near your current location has posted yet so that's that but anyways here is the app here is your your karma and then you can see new or hot posts and then you can see all the notifications and then you can send a new post or new yak in the yikyak app so there you have it hope that is helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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