How to create an accountin Lingvano app?

hey there so here is the app which is called uh linguano sign language SL so this is the app where you can start to learn in some sign language uh in the app it's one of the top apps for this 11 000 reviews link one is the fun fast and easy way to learn sign language art bite size interactive lesson in combination it's our solitiction will help you develop the skills you need for real life communication you can learn American Sign Language Hands-On and build Bridges so there you had to just opened the app and then you can just see how it looks like you can just then start with the account the rich land which you want to learn so there are multiple ways so you can just start with ASL American Sign Language and then yeah you can just select the reason you learn in the past it's a learning goal and then you just need to create an account here and yeah after that then you can just get started

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