let's explore how to build a bot in chai app on on laptop so recently i discovered that the chai app is available via address on the website so yeah i only thought it's only a while bus available as an app on iphone or android but nope it's also available here and yeah like you can build a bot on mobile you can build only one bot for free but you can also try to do that via desktop and here um actually on the desktop there are more options and you can build more advanced board so for example here you can just give an empty report you can then add image url you can add then name then you can add category and then you can just add advanced you can add model uh which is like a you know machine learning model as i understand it this i think chai app is just built on gpt 3 or i don't know what's gptj model which is fairly known then temperature controls the randomness of the generated taxi value of zero max and engine deterministic which means that it always generates the same output for a given input tax a value of one makes the engine take the most risk and use a lot of creativity repetition penalty so it works to prevent repetitive words usage and all of that and then there is top b is an alternative way of controlling the randomness and creativity of generated text top k sampling means sorting by probability response lengths and what label user lay and max history so these are the settings which are available just here on the website because when i'm trying to create a bot on on mobile app i don't have all these features so that's basically the idea of it yeah um so that's how you can build a bit more advanced sport and then maybe you can just uh so for example let's just tap apply changes and then i can just publish it um and then you can just generate it and continue respond and then basically you can see uh your ai performance and then you can see how your bot is performing compared to other people so that's just uh yeah of course it's it's all about learning don't use it in some like weird ways it's about like discovering and learning how to build your ai bots maybe it's the future of social network that you will have a lot of ai technology and you will have a lot of like bots and all of that because some people they just want to hang out maybe with some bots and have a lot of automated replies so yeah that's the idea i hope it is helpful

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