so here's codename app which is uh a tick tock tickerworks where you can record all these kind of videos but just for your avatars uh so to create your video just tap to create it and it looks like uh you know some game but in fact this is your avatar which you just created in the app there are all these kind of challenges which you can use then you can just use them uh you can add some text some animation some camera then you can just record it and that's basically you can just move your avatar and walk around of course you can do it much more advanced you can add music in top part and then just tap to to save it so that's basically the process you can style for making really advanced videos i i didn't figure it out yet [Music] you can like video so as you can see that it looks pretty similar to tick tock and that's so that's basically that so this app is trying to be like a meta wars app similar to tick tock where you have avatars and ft's web 3. so that's about it

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