How to create and share audio in PARODIST APP?

here's part of this app so how to create and share your audio so yeah you can create any voice cards so you can just tap here and then just change the name uh yeah in the free version it's very limited you only have like where like just this one card uh which you can share and then still you need to watch this annoying ad but that's what it is so you need to wait like 30 seconds in the in the paid version you have a free trial for three days and then you will be able to to have access to many more characters and many more voices um so yeah let's just uh so basically now you are creating this audio and then you can just share it so you can share it on Facebook Instagram Twitter you can also send it as a voice message to someone uh or you can just tap share and then again you can just share so for example if you tap share uh this will send mp4 file and then also just link to the to the app so there you have it

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